Thursday Program - The TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies
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Thursday Program

Thursday May 30

11:00 Registration Opens in Hyatt Lobby

SESSION A:1:00-2:30

A1: Dylan at Work

Tulsa South

Chris Rollason (chair)
Susan Scarberry-Garcia, On a Trail of Bells: Bob Dylan’s Oracular Song
Paul Haney, Demystifying Genius: Employing Dylan’s Writing Techniques

A2: Dylan and Romanticism


Michael P. Thomas (chair)
Sasha Tamar Strelitz, Who Prophesizes With His Pen
Matthew C. Borushko, Dylan and Shelley
Peter Hammond, Emerson and Dylan

A3: Making Old Songs New

Tulsa North

Aimee Nicole Zoeller (chair)
Steven Rings, What Did You Hear, My Blue-Eyed Son?; Or, the Musical Sources for “Hard Rain” (and Why “Lord Randal” Isn’t Among Them)
Malcolm Barr-Hamilton, “This is a Real Old Song”: Dylan and Barbara Allen
Flemming G. Andersen, From “Gypsy Davey” via “Blackjack Davey” to “Tin Angel”

A4: Carnival of Characters

Tulsa Central

Jim Salvucci (chair) “But now destiny was about to manifest itself”: The Manifest Destiny of Bob Dylan’s Carnival of Character(s).
Erin Callahan, The Madwomen in the Basement
Nina Goss, Madness in Great Ones: In Which the Strange Parade of Street-Legal Radicalizes the Poetic Ideal of Negative Capability
Sara Martínez, A Multifaceted Masculinity: “The Road” in the Making of Bob Dylan (1962-66)

2:30-3:30 Coffee Break

SESSION B: 3:30-5:00

B1: Teaching Roundtable

Tulsa Central

Pedagogically diverse teacher-scholars will discuss their experiences and strategies for teaching Dylan’s work. They will share their experiences and best practices; all are invited to bring their own stories and questions.

Anne Margaret Daniel
Greil  Marcus
Robert Polito
Jim Salvucci

B2: Making It New Again: Dylan & Modernism

Tulsa North

Sasha Tamar Strelitz (chair)
Christopher Mitchell, Thunder Rolled by the Rolling Stars: “Desolation Row” and The Waste Land
Shawn Holliday, “Make it New!” Bob Dylan’s Embodiment of Ezra Pound’s Modern Artistic Aesthetic
Michael P. Thomas, American Poetry and the Art of Confession: Dylan, Lowell & Bishop

B3: Dylan in the 21st Century

Oklahoma Ballroom

Thomas L. Wilmeth (chair)
Matthew Lipson, “My Bell Still Rings:” Advancing Age, Intentionality, And Bob Dylan’s Vocal Archivism
Robert W. Kvalvaag, From “Tempest” to The Tempest
Andrew Muir, In the True Performing of It: Bob Dylan and Shakespeare

B4: England Calling I

Tulsa South

Christine Hand Jones (chair)
John Covach, “I Can’t Hide”: Bob Dylan and the British Invasion
David Thurmaier, The Collaborative and Collegial Relationship between Bob Dylan and George Harrison, 1968-70
Glenn Gass, The Beatles and Bob Dylan



Keynote Address by Greil Marcus

“Kill Everybody Ever Done Me Wrong”–Blues and Bob Dylan

tulsa ballroom



Opening Reception with Music by Desi and Cody

(Sponsored by Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts, and Culture)

foyer and central