Staff - The TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies



Sean Latham is the Pauline McFarlin Walter Endowed Chair of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Tulsa where he serves as Editor of the James Joyce Quarterly and founding director of the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities.  He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of modern literature and culture and has written or edited ten books, including Am I a Snob? (Cornell 2003), The Art of Scandal (Oxford 2009), the Little Review Ulysses (Yale 2015), and The World of Bob Dylan (Cambridge 2021).


Administrative Assistant

As Administrative Assistant, Emily hopes to help the department highlight the humanities in Tulsa through OCH. On the Dylan Institute side of things, she wants to see the program continue to grow in the coming years, especially as Tulsa blossoms as a destination for music lovers. Emily grew up on folk music. Consequently, she has been following the growth of Bob Dylan as a cultural figure in Tulsa since moving to Oklahoma from North Carolina in 2017. (Though, she admits, hers was more a Johnny Cash than Dylan household.)


Graduate Assistant

Nathan Blue is an English MA student who currently works with the Bob Dylan Archive® studying fan letters sent to Dylan in 1966. For his MA capstone project, he is applying the tools and methodologies of the digital humanities to analyze metadata gathered anonymously from these fan letters. By utilizing the resources of the Institute and its proximity to the Bob Dylan Center, Blue will investigate and report on the ways in which a burgeoning, young mass fandom circulated in 1966–in teen fan magazines, fan clubs, record stores, schools, and beyond.