Sunday, June 5th: Legacies - The TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies

Sunday, June 5th: Legacies


This final day of the symposium will consider the broader contexts and legacies of Dylan’s long engagement with the Beats.  This distinctive mix of art, music, poetry, and rebellion that grew out of this intersection played a key role in creating not just the counterculture of the 1960s, but the very idea of what a counterculture is and how artists position themselves in relationship to politics and everyday life.

Scholars are also now in a position to better assess the exact ways in which the Beats helped shaped Dylan’s songwriting practices—and thus helped transform pop music into a serious and enduring mode of cultural expression.  These final sessions will also attempt to synthesize the weekend’s larger themes, while connecting them to urgent contemporary debates about popular culture, gender, race, sexuality, and creativity.  The symposium will then draw to a close with a celebratory public concert and poetry reading on Guthrie Green.


All times listed are Central Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -5:00 hours)

9:30am              Breakfast

10:00am           Keynote Address: Dylan as Poet and Songwriter

Timothy Hampton, UC Berkeley 

11:00am            Break

11:30am           Panel: Dylan’s Beat Writing

Jim Edwards, Writer 

Anne Margaret Daniel, The New School 

12:30pm            Lunch

2:00pm             Panel: American Countercultures

Damon Bach, Texas A&M University 

Loren Glass, University of Iowa 

3:00pm              Break

3:30pm             Closing Keynote: Dylan’s Kerouacian Trip

David Hajdu, Columbia University 

6:30pm            Old Crow Medicine Show Live at Cain’s Ballroom (more details to come)