World of Dylan '23: June 4: Room Update - The TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies
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World of Dylan ’23: June 4: Room Update

Sunday, June 4

9:30-11:00am: H Sessions


Room: Tulsa North

Panel: I Read the Scriptures a Lot

  • Henning Emil Magnusson (chair), “Sometimes my burden seems more than I can bear:” Dylan’s use of Old Testament Wisdom Literature on Time Out of Mind
  • Jeffrey Lamp, ‘God Said to Abraham’: Can Bob Dylan Help Us (Re-)Read the Bible?


Room: Horton Records Stage

Panel: Infinity on Trial

  • Laura Tenschert (chair), “I don’t remember being born” – Four Rewritings of “Shelter From the Storm” from Bob Dylan’s Mondo Scripto Series
  • Susan Scarberry-García, A Vision of Wheels: Bob Dylan’s Rail Car and Leo Tolstoy’s Bicycle
  • Raphael Falco, Unheard Melodies: Ekphrasis and Possible Gaze in Dylan’s Lyrics (read in absentia by Thomas Palaima)



Room: Oklahoma Ballroom

Panel: Violent Ends

  • Michael Nadler (chair), Eschatology and Manichaeism in the Songs of Bob Dylan
  • Scott M. Marshall , From Medgar to Bobby, Midnight Summer Blue–Fall, Winter, Spring–John, Malcolm, & Martin, in the Daylight Too
  • Sean Walsh, Arrow on the Doorpost: The Occasional Apocalyptic Vision of Bob Dylan

11:00-11:30am: Coffee Break in the Upper Foyer

11:30am-1:00pm: I Sessions: ROOM UPDATES


Room UPDATE: Oklahoma Ballroom

Panel: Ancient Sources

  • Catharine Mason (chair), Bob Dylan Studies: Language, Literature, and Ethnopoetics
  • Nicholas Wagner, Torn Between Jupiter and Apollo: Bob Dylan’s Pre-Christian Phase
  • Christopher Mitchell, “Everybody Wants You to Be Just Like Them:” The Menippean Satire of Bob Dylan


Room UPDATE: Promenade Ballroom

Roundtable: Where Beauty Goes Unrecognized: Reconsidering Bob Dylan in the 1980s

  • Erin C. Callahan (chair)
  • Court Carney
  • Harold Lepidus
  • Jeff Fallis


Room: Tulsa North

Panel: On “Believing the Songs”:  Bob Dylan as a Creative Spiritual Thinker Beyond Traditions

  • Steven Heine (chair), A Bob Dylan Hourglass: Sayings for Daily Cycles
  • Taigen Dan Leighton, Bob Dylan’s Hymns
  • Brook Ziporyn, ‘God Did Not Create This Earth’: Grappling with Critiques of Orthodoxy in Masked and Anonymous

1:00-1:30pm: Break

1:30-3:00pm: Keynote

Room: Horton Records Stage

Valeria Luiselli, “Echoes from the Borderlands”

Sponsored by the University of Tulsa’s College of Arts and Sciences