World of Dylan '23: June 2 - The TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies
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World of Dylan ’23: June 2

Friday, June 2

9:00-10:30am: C Sessions


Room: Tulsa North

Panel: Locating Dylan

  • Jon Lasser (chair), Rumplezimmerman, Alchemy, and Dylan’s Bidirectional European Influences
  • Kathleen Hudson, Dylan and Texas: Stories and Songs
  • Rob Hurd, Romance in Durango and Tales of Yankee Power: Dylan’s Border Music


Room: Oklahoma Ballroom

Panel: Fame and Fandom

  • Bob Keyes (chair), Robbed By an Autopen: Bob Dylan’s Use of a Signature Machine Isn’t Unusual, But It’s Still Fraud
  • Skip Dine Young and Bill Bettler, Virtue and Vice in the Reception of Dylan’s Gospel Trilogy
  • Rebecca Slaman, Come Writers and Critics


Room: Promenade Ballroom

Panel: Creative Intersections

  • Bob Egan (chair), Bob Dylan: A Life as Seen through PopSpots
  • Christine Jones, “Dollitics” and “Dylantics:” Folk Music and The Political Rhetoric of Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan
  • Cathy Chesley, Bob Dylan and the Algorithms of Creative Genius


Room: Horton Records Stage

Panel: The Art and Philosophy of The Philosophy of Modern Song

  • Elizabeth Cantalamessa , Art is a Disagreement: Authorship and Responsibility in The Philosophy of Modern Song
  • Graley Herren (chair), Mr. Tambo & Mr. Bones, Play a Song for Me: Foster & Poe in Dylan’s ‘Nelly Was a Lady’ Chapter
  • Laura Tenschert, ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’: Bob Dylan’s Theory of Art in The Philosophy of Modern Song

10:30-11:00am: Coffee Break in the Upper Foyer

11:00am-12:30pm: Keynote

Room: Promenade Ballroom

Cass Sunstein, “Museums Are Vulgar: Bob Dylan and Dishabituation”

Sponsored by the University of Tulsa’s Department of Political Science

12:30-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30-3:00pm: D Sessions


Room: Promenade Ballroom

Panel: The Philosophy of Modern Song and the Ambi-Modernist Impulse

  • Court Carney (chair), ‘The Laws of Time Didn’t Apply to You’: The Philosophy of Modern Song and the Zeitgeist of the Discontent
  • Erin C. Callahan, ‘Lame as Hell and a Big Trick’: Dylan’s Comment on the Commodification of Art in The Philosophy of Modern Song
  • Jim Salvucci, ‘The Future for Me is Already a Thing of the Past’: The Seeming Nostalgia of The Philosophy of Modern Song


Room: Oklahoma Ballroom

Panel: Multimedia Dylan

  • Steve Paul (chair), “Put My Guns in the Ground”: Bob Dylan, Billy the Kid and Hollywood’s Western Delirium
  • Salvatore J. Fallica, Bob Dylan and Pseudo-event Culture
  • Malu Barroso, ‘I Contain Multitudes’: The Bob Dylan Cinematic Universe


Room: Horton Records Stage

Panel: Deep Dives

  • Ron Radosh (chair), Truth, History and Myth: Bob Dylan’s take on the Cold War trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
  • Nathan C. Blue, Bob Dylan and “Jim Jones at Botany Bay”
  • Francisco Espinoza, I got new eyes – “Highlands” – the sense of an album ending


Room: Tulsa North

Panel: Dylan’s Rage

  • Paul Haney (chair), Blood on Your Saddle: Bob Dylan’s Homicidal Voices
  • Matt Simonsen, Anger Through Life: Bob Dylan and the Tale of the Angry Epics
  • Richard B. Westlein, Twelve Rounds with Bob Dylan: The Pugilistic Poet

3:00-3:30pm: Coffee Break in the Upper Foyer

3:30-5:00pm: E Sessions


Room: Promenade Ballroom

Roundtable: Talking DylanThe Bob Dylan Podcasters

  • Craig Danuloff (chair) – Dylan.FM
  • Rob Kelly – PodDylan
  • Laura Tenschert – Definitely Dylan
  • Daniel MacKay – Hard Rain and Slow Trains


Room: Tulsa North

Panel: Judgments

  • D.J. Chatelaine (chair), More Popular Than Jesus: The Prophetic Messages of Bob Dylan and The Beatles
  • John M. Radosta, The Loveliest and the Best: The Tapestry of Influence of Omar Khayyám’s Rubai’yat on the Works of Bob Dylan
  • Jeffrey Edward Green, Never Could Learn to Drink that Blood and Call it Wine: Bob Dylan as Prophet of the Postsecular


Room: Oklahoma Ballroom

Panel: Following Dylan

  • Toby Thompson (chair), Interviewing Dylan’s Mom: Lunch with Beatty Zimmerman
  • Godfrey Jordan, N.E.T. 3025—Ireland 2019


Room: Horton Records Stage

Panel: Archiving American Music

  • Toby Daspit (chair), Bob Dylan as Curriculum Theorist: A Theme Time Radio Hour Interactive Currere Experience
  • Barry Ollman, Paper Chase! Collecting and Connecting Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, Pete Seeger, The Weavers and Bob Dylan

Upper Foyer // Promenade Ballroom

5:00-6:30pm: Official Launch of Switchyard Magazine


Tulsa Arts District

6:00-9:00pm: First Friday Art Crawl

Free community event featuring exhibitions, art, and performances throughout the Tulsa Arts District.

6:30-7:30pm: Keynote

Room: Horton Records Stage

An Evening with Margo Price

in Conversation with Jeff Slate

Musical Performances: (available to Switchyard all-access pass holders only)

8:00pm: Cain’s Ballroom, John Fullbright

10:30pm: Horton Records Stage at the Hyatt Hotel, Seth Lee Jones