Welcome to World of Bob Dylan 2023! - The TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies

Welcome to World of Bob Dylan 2023!

This year we will again gather in person and bring together a global community of scholars, journalists, writers, musicians, collectors, archivists, and fans eager to explore all aspects of Dylan’s work. From Theme Time Radio Hour, to Dylan’s latest visual artwork and the new Philosophy of Modern Song—the World of Bob Dylan 2023 will grapple with unexpected influences, influencers, and legacies of all kinds while featuring a robust set of keynotes, panels, roundtables, art exhibitions, and more.

This year’s event will run alongside an even larger five-day festival of music, literature, and ideas called The Switchyard that runs from May 30-June 4.  During the day, it features lively talks and discussions with some of our leading writers and thinkers, including Art Spiegelman, Maia Kobabe, Natasha Tretheway, Valeria Luiselli, and many more.  In the evening, Switchyard will feature some thirty musical performances, including soon-to-be-announced headliners on stage at the historic Cain’s Ballroom and an afterparty showcase at the Hyatt.

We recommend that all World of Dylan attendees register for Switchyard.  For a very modest price increase, it offers access to the full array of events including The World of Bob Dylan and all live-music events.  VIP pricing options include preferential access, a dedicated lounge, and seating at Cain’s Ballroom.

The Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie Centers would like to offer our discounted rate of $10 for entry to one Center and $18 for entry to both (on the same day) to all those holding a Switchyard or World of Dylan pass.


the all access pass includes World of Dylan, live music performances, and more


conference only and does not include live music