Sunday Program - The TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies
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Sunday Program

Sunday June 2

Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

9:00 Free Continental Breakfast

SESSION M: 9:30-11:00

M1: Being Free: Farewells to the Folk Movement

music room

Mark Davidson (chair)
Mark E. Perry, Bob Dylan and the Polemics of the 1965 Newport Folk Festival
Alan M. Thomas, Another Side of Bob Dylan: Ground-Breaking or Transition?
Lee Barich, Visions of Ginsberg: Bob Dylan the History of the Beat Generation

M2: It All Starts with the Blues


Stewart Habig (chair)
Salvatore J. Fallica, Early Dylan: The Contemporary Anachronism
Robert H. Cataliotti, Blind Boy Grunt: Bob Dylan in the 1960s Blues Revival
Pete Dale and Adam Fairhall, A Hipster Sneer: Dylan’s Re-Coding of the Blue Third

M3: Gotta Serve Somebody II

rehearsal room

Steven Heine (chair)
Erica K. Argyropoulos, “Exiled Man”: Bob Dylan’s Complicated Relationship with American Jewishness
Chris LeDrew, Scriptural Symbolism: Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde.
Scott Peeples, “His Masquerade”: Dylan and Melville’s “The Confidence-Man”

M4: Poets and Professors


Thom Tammaro (chair) Heart to Heart: Conversations with Bob Dylan
Alan Davis, “Ain’t It Just Like Bob to Play Tricks When We’re Trying to Be So Quixotic?”
David Gaines, “Why Bob?” in 157 Words/19 Lines/3 Stanzas
Debra Marquart, Searching for Dylan in Fargo

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

SESSION N:11:30-1:00

N1: The Great American Songbook


Danny Arthurs (chair)
Joe M. Hardin, Dylan as Master of the American Songbook: an Informal Catalog and Analysis
Jaime Carini, (Un)covering Triplicate: the World of Bob Dylan’s Great American Songbook Recordings
Stewart Habig, Dylan, Jazz, and Playing Out of his Mind

N2: Religion, Spirituality, and Bob Dylan


William Svelmoe (chair)
Malcolm Gold, “The Ghost of ’Lectricity”: Dylan Concerts as Religious Ritual
John Haas, Apocalyptic Fables and “Sentimental Terror”: A Reading of Under the Red Sky
Jay R. Case, Old Religion During the Age of Aquarius: Dylan and John Wesley Harding.

N3: Dylan and Philosophy

music room

Sean Latham (chair)
John Cusatis, “Busy Being Born”: Bob Dylan as the Embodiment of 20th Century Existentialism
Alejandro Rodriguez de Jesús, Bob Dylan: Champion of the Outcasts
Michael Chiariello, Bob Dylan’s Gentle Agnosticism: “Every Grain of Sand” and the Defense of Objective Truth.

N4: Blood on the Tracks through the Lens of the Liberal Arts: Interdisciplinary Explorations of Consciousness and Authenticity in Bob Dylan’s Artistic Process

rehearsal room

Skip Dine Young (chair) Making the Conscious Unconscious: The Inversion of the Psychoanalytic Method in Bob Dylan’s Artistic Process
Don Carrell, Heideggerian Insights into Bob Dylan’s “Up to Me”: Original Truths that the Artist Chose to Bury
Bill Bettler, Symbolic Convergence in Blood on the Tracks: A Deeply Personal Expression of Love and Loss—Or Not?