Friday Program - The TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies
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Friday Program

Friday May 31

8:45 Registration Opens at Gilcrease

8:45-9:30 Bus Service From Hyatt to Gilcrease

Bus Schedule Linked Here

9:00 Coffee and Snacks at Gilcrease

SESSION D: 9:30-11:00 

D1: England Calling II

Gilcrease Vista Room

Cliff Fell (chair)
Kenneth Womack, (unable to attend) Lennon and Dylan: A Relationship of Dis-Ease
John Hughes, “Liverpool Gal,” Pauline Boty, and Dylan’s first London Visit
Keith G. Miles, The Unknown Muse- Robert Graves and the Tregunter Road Encounter

D2: Dylan in the World: Translation and Transmission

HCAR paccar classroom

Michael Hacker (chair)
Scott M. Marshall, Mixed-Up Confusion: Bob Dylan’s Marathon Dance with the Media
Teng Jimeng, Found in Translation: How Dylan Shapes Our Lives and Transforms Our World

D3: Taking it All in: Looking Across Dylan’s Full Career

hcar great hall

Steven Rings (chair)
John Frank, All the Animals: The Animot in the World of Bob Dylan
Carolyn Ross Johnston, Bob Dylan’s Odyssey
Richard Westlein, Twelve Rounds with Bob Dylan: Pugilist/Poet

D4: Out of the Archive: Infidels

gilcrease auditorium

Alan M. Thomas (chair)
R. Paul Yoder, “Jokerman” at the Ritz: Bob Dylan, Alexander Pope, and the Revision of “Jokerman”
Terry Gans, From “Too Late” to “Foot of Pride”: A Song’s Evolution and Abandonment
Walter Raubicheck, Man of the Mountains: “Jokerman” Reflects on “Dylan”

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

SESSION E: 11:30-1:00 

E1: Keynote: A Deep Dive into THE BOB DYLAN ARCHIVE ® Collection with Michael Chaiken and Robert Polito

gilcrease auditorium

Michael Chaiken

Note: Due to space constraints, this event is open only to those with Thin Man buttons. Buttons will be handed out at the registration desk. 

E2: Justice

hcar paccar classroom

Lisa O’Neill (chair)
Krystal S. Reyes, What Can Dylan’s Art Teach Us About Grief and Loss?
J. Matthew Martin, “False-hearted Judges”: the Judiciary of Bob Dylan
George A. Dunn, “Bury the Rag Deep in Your Face”: Retributive Justice in the Songs of Bob Dylan

E3: Twisted Truth: Dylan’s 60’s Rock

hcar great hall

R. Paul Yoder (chair)
Sarah Gates, “The Truth Just Twists”: Psychedelic Irony in Bob Dylan’s “Gates of Eden”
D. Quentin Miller, “It’s Chicken!”: Dylan’s Comic Absurdity and the Beat Generation
Christine Hand Jones, Bringing it All Back Home and Dylan’s Postmodern Apocalypse

E4: Dylan and the American West

gilcrease vista room

Carolyn Ross Johnston (chair)
Jim O’Brien, “Tales of Yankee Power” Bob Dylan, The American West and the Politics of Cultural Identity
Leighton Grist, “I’m In a Cowboy Band”: Bob Dylan and the Western
Cliff Fell, Singin’ the Muse: Bob Dylan, Robert Graves and the renewal of the Triple Moon Goddess Within Traditions of the American West

1:00 Lunch Break (Free Lunch Provided)

A light lunch will be provided for all registered conference participants in the Vista Room and in HCAR.

SESSION F: 2:00-3:30 

F1: A Deep Dive into THE BOB DYLAN ARCHIVE® Collection with Michael Chaiken and Anne Margaret Daniel

gilcrease auditorium

Michael Chaiken

Note: Due to space constraints, this event is only to those with Louie the King buttons. Buttons will be handed out at the registration desk. 

F2: Judging an Unjust World: The Late 60’s

Gilcrease vista room

Zenia Kish (chair)
Jeff Fallis, Another Country: James Baldwin, Bob Dylan, and the 1960s
Court Carney, “Alive as You or Me”: Bob Dylan’s Woody Guthrie
Michael J. Kramer, (unable to attend) “A Time They Talk About”: John Wesley Harding and the Sixties Counterculture

F3: Going Back to Rome: Dylan and Italy

hcar great hall

Mario Gerolamo Mossa (chair) Reflections on “Italian Dylans,” Translations and Italian Dylanology
Giulio Pantalei, (unable to attend) An Alternative Canon of Italian Literature: From Dante to Machiavelli Through the Lens of Dylan
Fabio Fantuzzi, Bob Dylan’s Boot: Italy in the Lyrics of the Bard

F4: Dylan in the 21st Century II

hcar paccar classroom

Flemming G. Andersen (chair)
Thomas L. Wilmeth, Reflections on a Soldier’s Grave
Steven Thwaits, Dylan: 21st Century Performing Artist
Isaac Slone, Bobcats: an Exploratory Analysis of Contemporary Dylan Fandom on the Fan Site “Bob Links”

F5: The Trickster: Bob Dylan and Native American Trickster Traditions

hcar jackson seminar room

Terry M. Pace (chair), Transformative Themes in both Bob Dylan’s Work and Native American Tricksters
Rockey Robbins, Imploding American Mythology and Colonialism: Comparison between Dylan’s Album John Wesley Harding and Cherokee Rabbit Trickster Tales
Jesse (Red Eagle) Robbins, The Trickster in Dylan’s Work and Indigenous Songs (Hip Hop and Hand Drum)

3:30-4:00 Coffee Break

SESSION G: 4:00-5:30

G1: Across the Curriculum

gilcrease vista room

Andrew Wood (chair)
Mick Cochrane, “Hey, Bob Dylan, We Wrote You A Poem:” Dylan’s Songs in the Creative Writing Workshop
Joyce C. Smith, Bob Dylan: An Undergraduate Seminar on Dylan’s Lyrics as Poetry
Michael Nadler, The Lyricism of Bob Dylan in the Context of Civilization and History: A Presentation for Educators

G2: Looking Back: Dylan on Film

hcar jackson seminar room

Layne M Farmen, (chair) “When I Edit My Masterpiece”: Bob Dylan, Terrence Malick, and “Creating Selfishly”
Michael Hacker, Bob Dylan, Filmmaker: “The Movie’ll Be Like A Song, Really”
Jonathan Hodgers, Bob Dylan: Auteur


G3: Dylan At Work: In the Studio

hcar great hall

Keith G. Miles (chair)
Robert R. Hurd, “Basement Noise”: Audience, Technology, and Value in Dylan Bootlegs
Christopher Rollason, Dylan the Writer at Work: on the Multiple Versions of “Dignity” and the Two Versions of “Ain’t Talkin”
Daryl Sanders, (unable to attend) Why Blonde on Blonde Could Have Only Been Recorded in Nashville

G4: Living Well: Dylan’s Ethical Humanism

hcar paccar classroom

Raphael Falco (chair/respondent)
Lisa O’Neill Sanders, Dylan’s Treatment of Justice, Injustice, Conscience, Crime and Law
Graley Herren, Young Goodman Dylan: Chronicles at the Crossroads
Robert Reginio, Searching for Dignity: Various Versions of a Prophetic Calling

G5: Roots and Debts

gilcrease auditorium

Robert H. Cataliotti (chair)
Hilary Saunders, Dylan and Roots Music
Gayle Wald, Bob Dylan and the Gospel Chanteuse
Harold Lepidus, Bob Dylan, Street Legal, and the ghost of Elvis

5:30 Bus Service to Hyatt Begins


Bob Dylan: “From THE BOB DYLAN ARCHIVE® Collection1963 – 2001”

tulsa ballroom

The keynote will feature an evening of rare, largely unseen, television and concert performances spanning forty years in Bob Dylan’s career. Culled from THE BOB DYLAN ARCHIVE® collection, this screening will include newly discovered and restored performances from Dylan’s 1966 tour of Europe, the 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue, 1986’s Hard to Handle tour with Tom Petty and much more. It will be hosted by Michael Chaiken, Curator of THE BOB DYLAN ARCHIVE® collection.