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Dylan and the Beats

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This event marked the centenary of Jack Kerouac’s birth and the opening of the new Bob Dylan Center by exploring the musical, cultural and creative legacy of the vibrant poetic movement that helped Dylan create a new American language.

Each of the three days have a different focus, starting first with a deep dive into the “raging beauty” of the Beats, which inspired Dylan’s own writing while reshaping our view of art, politics, religion, and sexuality.  The second day’s focus shifted to an exploration of road stories in American history, music, and art, with panels and keynotes that examine the Rolling

Thunder Revue, the art of being on the road, and the way our experiences of the open road are shaped by race, gender, and sexuality.  On the final day, we widened our focus to explore the broader contexts and legacies of the Beat movement both within and beyond Dylan’s music, looking at everything from obscenity trials and protest movements to blues, jazz, and rock.

The symposium took place at the Henry Zarrow Center for Arts & Education, 124 E Reconciliation Way, Tulsa, OK, 74103. Looking for a hotel to book? Check out our hotel recommendations.