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Dylan Institute

The Dylan Questionnaire: David Gaines

In the second installment of our blog series, David Gaines, English professor and Dylan expert (and superfan), answers the Dylan Questionnaire. What was the first Dylan album you purchased? What’s your favorite? Your least favorite? First album: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan... MORE

Dylan in the Classroom 2018

Does the work of Bob Dylan belong in the classroom? Is pop music really worth studying? If so, then can and should we treat it like more traditional forms of literature, art, or classical music? Or do we need new... MORE

Spending Christmas with Bob Dylan

Dylan, we know, is a changeling—a musical shape-shifter whose extraordinary talents have twisted and turned through folk and rock, country and roots, gospel and the blues. Some of these transformations have arrived like lightening strikes and become part of the... MORE

Why Bob Dylan Matters

If you’re deeply into Dylan or curious about why so many people care so much about his music, then come join us for this lively event focused on the rich archives now housed here in Tulsa. Richard F. Thomas is... MORE

TU Hosts Local Bob Dylan Summit

The newly created University of Tulsa Institute for Bob Dylan Studies hosted a summit meeting on Saturday, October 28th that brought together local arts and cultural leaders to discuss the arrival of The Bob Dylan Archive® in Tulsa. The event... MORE

Bob Dylan in Tulsa’s Classrooms

In 2017, the University of Tulsa, Tulsa Public Schools, and the Yale National Initiative partnered to create the new Tulsa Institute for Teachers, which is designed to strengthen teaching in the city’s public schools. This exciting new program rotates around... MORE